The problem with document retrieval and review
(and how to fix it)

Today, administrative costs for record retrieval and review amounts to $1.3 billion dollars annually in California

This figure exceeds cost to care for the injured or effected worker.


Too much time spent manually reviewing medical documents


Inefficient medical document retrieval resulting in duplicate records. Duplication comes from a perverse incentive to sell more records

Ultimately, this leads to wasted time, energy and delayed care.

What if there was a better way?

What if there was a way to move from from high cost duplicate record and manual record review to a seamless, automated recorder retrieval system powered by artificial intelligence?

3 Major Problems With Other Document Retrieval and Review Services

“Transparent” record retrieval

They promise end-to-end transparency, but don’t give you the insight needed to monitor, track, and authenticate all users and orders.

“Efficient” record retrieval

They promise efficient record retrieval, but they still generate a massive amount of waste due to duplicate records.

“Effective” record review

They promise effective record review, but they don’t give you insight into the most important information or data.

The process most applicants and defense counsel follow to retrieve medical records is massively flawed, inefficient, and ineffective

Streamline record retrieval and review

Unlock a system and process to streamline record retrieval and review while reducing waste, time, energy, and capital.