Master document review and retrieval using AI assisted conceptual search and secure blockchained digital network

Record Review

Neural Search

Neural Search allows users to rapidly search records by both concept and keyword. Using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, easily identify the most important parts of the medical record.

  • Review, annotate, and summarize all records simultaneously
  • AI to compliment your legal and claims expertise
  • Access the right data in less time
Record Retrieval


Our pre-litigation record retrieval service allows users to control the serve, costs, and liens. When a notice of a lawsuit is received, applicant counsel is served with a notice within hours of ADJ filing.

  • Request records from custodian of records via SDT
  • First-in-class, secure blockchained digital network
  • Digital rights management protections
Record Review

IMR Summary

Arcuity's automated system categorizes, summarizes, and organizes the medical record. Quickly identify and access all relevant patient data within seconds.

200+ Companies Served

2M+ Pages Reviewed

Millions in Cost-Savings

Built for Everyone

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The team delivers powerful, intuitive, and intelligent record retrieval and review. Arcuity is not just another copy service.

John Michaels
John Michaels
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Arcuity has helped improved speed to resolution of cases. No other copy services matches their unique offerings and business processes.

Kaila Terrell
Meg Riley
Third-Party Administrator
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Arcuity fosters complete trust and transparency throughout the record retrieval and review process. Neural search has changed the way we access the case's most pertinent information.

Stan Lawrence
Medical Practitioner

Arcuity delivers Trust and Transparency through Technology


Easily authenticate every user and case within the platform via blockchain and EAMS data.


All records received are captured on our immutable blockchain. Users are guaranteed documents identical to the custodian at the time of the subpoena.


Identifying the right data and information through powerful neural queries and cognitive search brings increased efficiency and effectiveness.


Unlock a system and process to streamline record retrieval and review while reducing waste, time, energy, and capital.